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I Am Mathieu VIALES

About Me.

Web Engineer & UX/SEO Consultant - Freelancer

I am Mathieu VIALES. I started writing software as a hobby over nine years ago and am now an experienced software engineer. I view software engineering as a form of art just as much as civil engineering or mechanical engineering can be. This means I put a lot of effort into the projects I work on and I give a lot of value to well-written software. I have a strong work ethic and consider myself as much a project adviser as an executor. Building a great website requires a good understanding of how your customers behave on the internet and of what you want them to do on your part of the internet.

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What I do.


I build custom, robust, fast and reliable websites for a maximized impact on your target audience.


I can setup, run and maintain a hosting solution for your website for a truly effortless solution !


I put a lot of effort into the Search Engine Optimization of your website, to give your website the best online visiblity


I work hard to make your site as user friendly as possible, optimizing the User Experience for a maximized usability and conversion rate


Despite my best efforts, I am still not a wizard. I love to explain my work and always make sure to use every-day language.

Serious project management

Anticipation, planning and iterative project management let us both work efficiently providing you with quick and up-to-expectations results




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